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We’ve been working with WorkAbroadTeam for several years, and we’re totally satisfied with quality of their services. If any issues or questions show up they are always solved quickly and properly. Managers of WorkAbroadTeam are very competent and helpful. The variety of jobs is very wide. Jobs are great and prices are really reasonable.

Evgeniya Malozemova. Togliatti, Russia


Most of our Summer Work & Travel students placed with WorkAbroadTeam have already finished the program and come back to Thailand, we hope that everybody has enjoyed their summer!

TKW. Bangkok, Thailand.


Students who worked in Myrtle Beach really enjoyed it. Everything was great! But housing could be a bit cheaper. Thank you!

W&T Agency, Kazakhstan


I appreciate your job offers in 2015. The employers were really good. We wish we will have another wonderful season in 2016.

W&T Agency, China.