Dennis Port features warm-water beaches, like Haigis Beach, Sea Street Beach, and Glendon Road Beach. Many consider these among Cape Cod’s most desirable beaches for swimming and windsurfing. For years, Cape Cod has been a place where America’s wealthy come to relax during the summer months. The Cape’s perfect beaches and the warm waters of Nantucket Sound and Cape Cod Bay provide desirable conditions for sunbathing, fishing, whale watching, surfing, and other activities.


Start dates End dates
June’15 – June’25 September’16 – September’20

JOB TITLE: one male grounds/pool and facility keeper needed 
1) Grounds/pool work: position requires a person to be good with their hands, to fix, secure or repair things.  Time will be spent helping the housekeepers with stocking supplies, laundry etc.; taking care of three pools, whirlpools and surrounding facilities.  Painting, gardening, mowing lawns and policing the premises and beach to keep clean and presentable are among the many diverse duties of this position. Experience in construction site work, landscape and pool maintenance is a plus.
Work schedule: AM OR PM shifts (AM shift from 7am-1:30pm 6 days/week OR PM shift 3:30pm-10pm 6 days per week.  Must work weekends and holidays)

2) Housekeeping  no students needed: responsible to clean 10-12 efficiency rooms per day. Cleaning includes but is not limited to making beds, vacuuming, dusting, washing floors, sanitizing kitchen and baths. Duties will include laundry service, cleaning common areas and rental homes. Cleaning stations and duties will be assigned based on your skill level – determined by your supervisor.
Work schedule: shifts start in the AM Monday – Sunday.  (Usually 9am to 5pm. Must work weekends and holidays) Most tasks are performed regardless of weather conditions.  However, weather can affect the number of hours worked in a given week.

COMPANY TYPE: Hotel with restaurant on premises and a beachfront cafe.
QUALIFICATIONS: some type of related work experience for a company, good grades in school, ust have experience in construction, repair, landscape OR anything that requires the person to work with hands and get them dirty.
GENDER: Gender is not relevant if they are qualified to perform the work.  It has been typical to see males in grounds work and females in housekeeping.
NATIONALITY: Any country with relevant program dates
MINIMUM ENGLISH: Good. Must have the ability to understand instructions, give directions, and communicate effectively with coworkers, supervisors and customers.  In addition, must have the ability to communicate effectively in English under pressure and/or during emergency situations.
WAGE:  $12-14 per hour, Housekeeping can make plus tips
AVERAGE HOURS: 35-40 hours per week
OVERTIME: we do not offer overtime or more than 40 hours/ week
FREQUENCY OF PAY: Bi-weekly. Pay period is Monday through Sunday and paychecks are issued the following Friday.
WORK SCHEDULE: shifts start in the AM Monday – Sunday for all positions except afternoon grounds person. (Must work weekends and holidays)
TRAINING: On-the-job and other training provided by resort.Training wage is $10/hr for the first month.
SICK DAYS: Participant must call in by 7am of the day; otherwise they may jeopardize their employment. No paid sick days. Late without a phone call three times may result in early termination. Not showing up for work is grounds for termination.    
DRESS CODE / APPEARANCE POLICY: Uniform shirts and aprons supplied by the resort.  Additional uniforms are purchased for a nominal fee.  You will need to provide a couple pairs of khaki color slacks, or shorts and white sneakers.
MEAL CONDITIONS: All meals are the responsibility of the employees.
LOCATION: Dennis Port, MA
HOUSING: Provided. Lodging assistance is available upon request and on a shared room basis. Some employer sponsored housing is available. Those employees taking advantage of resort housing will move in on the night of arrival and stay for the duration of their work experience.  All housing will include beds and all other furnishings including eating utensils. Participant must abide by terms and conditions of the lease. Lease laws vary according to state. Loss of employment or violation of housing rules forfeit resort provided housing.
HOUSING COSTS: $125-135 per week All-inclusive price
ARRIVAL INFO: Must arrive one day prior to the start date.
EMPLOYER PICK-UP: Available with 24 hour min notice and during the hours of 9am to 9pm


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