New positions are available in Skagway, Alaska.  Along with staff gatherings, employees will enjoy a multitude of activities in and around Skagway.  Hiking trails, including the historic Chilkoot Trail, cater to all levels of experience.  Sports enthusiasts can participate in the local softball league and various other athletic events throughout the season.  Fitness buffs can join the recreation center and take advantage of various classes and group sports along with use of the gym.

The town celebrates many events during the summer, such as Solstice and Independence Day.  Local businesses put on events of their own such as Spring Stroll, Rhubarb Festival and open Mic Nights.  You can easily visit nearby Haines for the Southeast Alaska State Fair and their annual Brew Fest.

Additional activities include wildlife viewing, camping, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, climbing and photography to just name a few.  Staff is encouraged to take advantage of the ferry system and local tour operators to get out and experience all Alaska and the Yukon have to offer!

Join the family and be part of a successfully growing tour operation in the heart of Southeast Alaska!


Start dates End dates
May, 1st September, 30th

JOB TITLE: Cast Member
EMPLOYMENT DATES: May 1 – the end of September
COMPANY TYPE: Tour operation
MINIMUM ENGLISH: Near fluent (7-8 out of 10)
WAGE: $12 an hour, sales commissions and tips
AVERAGE HOURS: 30-45 hours
OVERTIME: available
FREQUENCY OF PAY: Twice a month
WORK SCHEDULES: 2 days off
TRAINING: Paid training during the first week
MEAL CONDITIONS: Discounts at the restaurant, free coffee and a punch card for some free snacks each month
LOCATION: Skagway, Alaska
WEBSITES: http://skagway.com/
SECOND JOBS: This is discouraged as our schedules are flexible and make it difficult to hold a second job
INTERNET AVAILABILITY: Free internet at the library and hot spots available for purchase
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Free shuttle bus (SMART) through town which is unnecessary as the town is so small!
HOUSING:  Provided
HOUSING COSTS: $300 a month
EMPLOYER PICK-UP: Will be arranged upon prior request
SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: Ability to work on the feet for extended periods in all weather conditions in a costume; at least 21 years of age

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