Start dates End dates
June 2018 September 2018 or October 2018

JOB TITLE:  Housekeeping (position 1) and Maintenance/Dishwashing (position 2)
COMPANY TYPE: Bed and Breakfast with restaurant and tavern
QUALIFICATIONS: English speaking, ability to lift 40 pounds, ability to go up and down full flights of stairs, able to work 40 hours per week
GENDER: Female (position 1), Male (position 2)
MINIMUM ENGLISH: Read and write in English, conversational speaking, ability to follow directions given in English
WAGE: $8.00 per hour
AVERAGE HOURS: 35 to 50 hrs per week (first few weeks will be less)
OVERTIME: Over 40 hours, at $12.00 per hour
WORK SCHEDULES: Varies depending on in-house business, generally Tuesday through Sunday
MEAL CONDITIONS: Responsible for own meals, shopping trips will be provided for groceries
LOCATION: Lakes region, Bridgewater, New Hampshire, USA
SECOND JOBS: Not likely without transportation
INTERNET AVAILABILITY: Yes, provided free of charge
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: No public transportation in the area
TRAVEL TO WORK: Not applicable, staff will live on property
HOUSING: Apartment provided with one bedroom, kitchenette, and bathroom
HOUSING COSTS: $40.00 per week, per person
HOUSING DEPOSIT: None required
ARRIVAL INFO: Fly into Boston, MA, Logan Airport, take Concord Trailways bus into Concord, NH, call ahead for pickup

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