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LOCAL INFO: Brooklyn offers attractions for every type of traveler. Want to be on the cutting edge? Head for Williamsburg, where you can hear live music every night and shop for vintage threads. If you want to root for the home team, there’s pro hockey and basketball at Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn. Traveling with kids? Prospect Park and the stroller-filled sidewalks of Park Slope beckon, as does the area’s restaurant scene. And since the best things in life are free, consider a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or along the scenic Brooklyn Heights promenade.


Start dates End dates
May 15 September 7

JOB TITLE: Line Cooks and Kitchen/Food Preparation
COMPANY TYPE: Fast food restaurant
QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to effectively communicate with customers and coworkers; must be dependable, hardworking, and energetic
Line Cook:
– Expeditiously and accurately prepare, cook and serve food according to the specifications and procedures.
– Master the skill of working from order screens. Keep up with demand.
– The holding of food must align with the demand. Food products that exceed holding times must be discarded.
– Provide sales associates with all products needed.
– Make sure food assembly areas are well stocked and clean at all times
– Identify any equipment that is not working correctly and notify manager immediately.
– Be knowledgeable in cooking procedures, equipment and product specifications manual, as well as health and hygiene regulations.
– Proper use of cooking equipment is essential.
Kitchen/Food Preparation: Knowledgeable in food preparation procedures, temperature requirements, and equipment as per specification manual.
– Maintain procedure for storage and usage using day dot method.
– Ability to wash, cut, chop and package meat, fish, vegetables and condiments. (Cannot be allergic to seafood.)
– Knowledge of workplace safety and sanitation. Possess knowledge of how to use kitchen tools properly such as knives, slicers, and choppers.
– Inform managers when equipment is not working properly and food does not appear to be fresh
– Confirm with manager how much product is to be produced before you begin production.
– Maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen/area at all times using the correct cleaning and sanitizing chemicals and the proper use of the three compartment sink.
– Manage distribution of food and supplies from refrigeration and storage areas to front line.
GENDER: Both females and males are accepted
NATIONALITY: Jamaica only
MINIMUM ENGLISH: Conversational
WAGE: $15.00 per hour
AVERAGE HOURS: 32+ hours per week
OVERTIME: Occasionally
WORK SCHEDULES: 4-6 days per week, 6 – 8 hours per day
TRAINING: Provided
APPEARANCE POLICY: Employees need black dress pants, no jeans, corduroy or cargo pants. Black skid resistant shoes, no opened toe shoes or clogs. Black socks. Nathan’s will provide uniformed shirts and hats. Employees must shower daily, use deodorant, not wear unwashed clothing and must wash hands frequently. Men must be clean-shaven, neatly trimmed mustaches are allowed. Hair must be tied back or up and shirt must be tucked in. No facial piercing or tongue piercing.
SICK/VACATION DAYS: Sick time as per NYC Law and regulations/ No Vacation time
MEAL CONDITIONS: 1 free meal per shift
LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY
SECOND JOBS: May be available
HOUSING: Not provided
ARRIVAL INFO: Prior notice required. AIRPORT: JFK, LGA, EWR

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