Job Descriptions

Sales assistant. Panama City Beach, FL

PCB1Panama City Beach, FL
Sales assistants in retail stores.
$8,05+ hourly, 32-40 hours weekly.
Housing available at $300 per month
Start: May’20 — June’01
End: August’30 — September’10.
COMPANY TYPE:  Retail and beachwear stores
DUTIES: Assist Customers, price & display merchandise.
QUALIFICATIONS: Reliable, hard-working, flexible, honest.
WAGE: $8,05 per hour
FREQUENCY OF PAY: Every other week
MEAL CONDITIONS: Not provided                     
SECOND JOBS: Available
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Available                     
HOUSING TYPE: Shared house, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.
COSTS: $350.00 per person per month
DISTANCE from work site: 3 miles.
TRANSPORTATION from housing to work site is provided at $35 per week.
AIRPORT: NWFL International Airport (ECP)
EMPLOYER PICK-UP:  Employer’s pick-up, if arrived in nearest airport/bus station
NOTE: Students who won’t be able to perform his or her duties in the retail store or ice-cream shop due to low English level may be transferred in housekeeping position at a nearby property.

Housekeeping. Del Rio, TN

Housekeeping. Del Rio, TN

Job positions at a dude ranch in a picturesque rural area. Available positions: kitchen helper, server, housekeeper. Hourly wage is $7.5. Start date is June’1. Students will work 50 hours per week (5-8 hour shifts & 1-10 hour shift on Sunday, 6 day work week). Housing and meals are provided at $125/week. Job Profile

Housekeeping. Dennisport, MA

800px-Looking_West_from_Inman_Road_Beach,_Dennis_Port_MAHousekeeping. Dennisport, MA

Dennisport features warm-water beaches, like Haigis Beach and Sea Street Beach. Many consider these among Cape Cod’s most desirable beaches for swimming and windsurfing. Available positions: housekeeper (EXPERIENCE REQUIRED). Hourly wage is $11, training wage (for the first month) is $10. Students will work 40 hours a week, Monday – Sunday. Start date is June’19. Housing is provided at $125/week. Job Profile

Fast Food. Midland, TX

Midland44_SkylineFast Food. Midland, TX

Midland, Texas is a warm and inviting West Texas city. The city features over 185,000 square feet of meeting space, many unique museums, delicious food, and exciting music and nightlife. Available positions: cleaner, kitchen help. Hourly wage is $8.5, students have to work at least 40 hours per week. Start date is June’1. Housing is provided at $75/week. Transportation is provided at $100/month. Job Profile

Housekeeping. Branson, MO

TRANS-BransonStrip-01-GALHousekeeping. Branson, MO

Branson draws visitors from all regions of the country. Branson is famous for different types of attractions include the Hollywood Wax Museum, Silver Dollar City, etc. Available positions: housekeeping in the hotel. Start date are between May’15 and May’25. Hourly wage is $8, students will work at least 40 hours per week. The employer provides students with transportation and housing at $340 per month. Students will live in the hotel, two persons in a room. Job Profile