Job Descriptions

Restaurant positions. Myrtle Beach, SC


We are proud to offer a wide range of restaurant positions in  Myrtle Beach, SC.  This is a very popular touristic area, people from many states come here starting from early spring to enjoy beautiful settings, wide beaches and of course ocean. Every year hundreds of students spend their summer in Myrtle Beach under Work and Travel Program, it’s a good opportunity to work in a very friendly community in beach area and enjoy all local attractions on days off. After 3 or 4 month in Myrtle Beach students bring back home not only funds to cover program expenses but life-time memories, they find friends from around the world and gain cultural experience which is hard to overrate.

Hostess (female) is responsible for greeting and assisting customers, taking guests to their seats, creating and supporting friendly ambiance. Advanced English is a requirement. Wages are  $5.5 + tips.

Server  (basically females, males are also accepted) are in charge of taking orders, serving food. It’s best job for sociable and presentable girls with  Upper-intermediate or Advanced English. Wages are $2.15+tips. Tips are $50 – $150 per day.

Food Runner (males and females) assist servers, bring hot food to the tables, take additional orders. Wages are $5.5 + tips but not lower than $7.50.  

Busser (males and females) assist food runners, cleaning tables, preparing tables for new guests. $5,5 + tips.

Kitchen Helper (males) perform various kitchen tasks, Wages start at $ 7.50 and gradually grow up. Intermediate English is a must.

Dishwashers (males) are in charge of cleaning and drying dishes. Wages are  $7.50 per hour.

Additional available positions: Gift shop, Carving station, Bartender, Cook, Salad & Bakery.

Applicants are primarily assigned in a pposition at interview depending on qualification (English, arival dates, working experience, general attitude).

If applicant does not show required qualification (language skills) he or she may be transferred in a position requiring a lower English level. For example if a student was assigned to position of server but doesn’t qualify for this job he/she may work as food runner, kitchen help, busser, etc.

Job requirements:

Interview: since students will be working in high  class restaurant even for kitchen help positions an intermediate English is required. An interview with representative of host company will be arranged before Job Offer will be issued. The employer assigns accepted students to positions based on English level and qualification shown at interview.

Generally job is guaranteed for all hired participants, but in case a student does have a required qualification (language skills) he or she may be put to a position requiring a lower English level. For example if a student was assigned to position of server but doesn’t qualify for this job he/she may work as food runner, kitchen help, busser, etc.

Start and End dates.

Start dates are in between May’01 and June’01, late arrivals (up to the beginning of July) are also possible but it will be additionally discussed upon request.

Students will be put to work within 1 – 7 days upon arrival to employer’s office.

Housing. Accommodation is provided in shared apartments at $90 per week. Fully furnished rooms. $200 security deposit. Refundable at the end of stay if no extra repair or cleaning needed.

Transportation. Walking distance from work site.

Arriving to Employer.

Participants must arrive in time to host company office to complete documentation, follow an orientation and then visit Social Security Office.


Fort Stockton, TX: seasonal Fast-food jobs.

Positions are availabel in 2 fast food restaurants located in Fort Stockton, TX and Van Horn, TXBoth are located in Pecos county, TX which is  the Home of the World’s First Rodeo, the Sweet Pecos Cantaloupe, the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame.  

Pecos loves a parade and hometown style fiestas and opportunities for family fun. We offer unstructured fun too, like our historic cemeteries, local area parks, a golf course, and our neighbor the Balmorhea State Park for fun and adventure; wildlife viewing and hunting is available in our area. Forbes magazine listed Pecos as one of the “fastest growing small towns in America” because of our booming businesses, and our increased opportunities for activities and amenities.

$10 per hour + FREE housing + FREE meals


SEASON Start dates End dates
Summer May’25 – June’15 August’15 – September’20
Winter December March
INTERNSHIP Year round with immediate start date

JOB TITLE: crew member in fast food cafe / BUSINESS interns & trainees
QUALIFICATIONS:no specific requirements for seasonal employees;
relevant qualification (education and / or working experience) for Trainees and Interns.
both M and F
any nationality
MINIMUM ENGLISH: Intermediate (6 – 7 out of 10) for seasonal employees, 7 – 9 for Interns and Trainees.
WAGE$10 – 11
AVERAGE HOURS: 35 – 45 hours per week
WORK SCHEDULES: 5 – 6 days per week; 6-8 hours per day
TRAINING: 2-3 days training provided, paid at regular rate
LOCATION: Fort Stockton, TX and Van Horn, TX
TRAVEL TO WORK: Walking or biking
HOUSING: Provided for FREE. Shared house, 2-3 students per room.
ARRIVAL INFO: Must be submitted 5 – 10 days in advance in order to arrange pick-up at local bus station.